Thomas Bathory Testimonial 1 When you hire a Professional Real Estate Agent, you expect a quick sale and your asking price (or extremely close). Thomas achieved these ultimate expectations by selling our Oakville home in just over a short week for an astounding 99.4% of our asking price! Thomas presented our home through high quality pics, a stunning virtual tour and a dazzling feature sheet found in upper end homes. Our home was also placed on 3 real estate boards and full color ads in the newspaper all contributed to maximum exposure.

The constant communication and consistent feedbacks received from Thomas’s team member Jennifer kept us in the loop and was very much appreciated. Thomas’s strong selling track record and expertise were a major decision factor for picking him to sell our home. We will recommend Thomas and Jennifer to anyone interested in selling or buying a home.

Jim Foster & Denise Francis


Thomas Bathory Testimonial 2 We would like to thank you for selling our Oakville home just over 3 weeks for 98% of the asking price. Jennifer and yourself provided excellent customer service and you were always there to answer any of our questions and provided constant feedback from the showings.

Your marketing plan was exceptional including your elaborate brochures and crystal clear pics and virtual tour. We will recommend you and your team to anyone we know who is interested in selling their home.

Mike & Melinda Kanuka




testimonial 3As a professional real estate investor and business owner I work with realtors daily, so my expectations for the person who would assist my family in selling our home were extremely high. We are very lucky to have found and worked with Thomas Bathory. His attention to detail, professionalism, organization, negotiation capabilities and friendly demeanour put my wife and me at easy while his team ‘went to work’ and sold the house for 98.5% of asking within two weeks of listing. 

Thomas’s focus on our needs and timeline was evident when he generated extremely high volumes of qualified traffic though the house using a number of unique marketing concepts including a toll free hotline service, which effectively advertised our home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to prospective buyers. Without question, we recommend Thomas Bathory and his team for all your home purchasing or selling requirements. We shall be recommending him to our family and friends.

Philip & Caroline Bradley


Thomas provided exceptional service when he sold our home in Oakville. The results Were outstanding. We received 98% of our asking price in 3 short weeks. His quality color brochures, beautiful virtual tour, high-resolution pictures and constant color newspaper advertising we believe helped sell our home in this short amount of time.

We would recommend Thomas and his Team to anyone who is considering selling their home. 

Zbigniew & Barbara Derewonko





If there was one word to describe Thomas Bathory and his team it would be Amazing!!! Thomas's level of service and expertise has been absolutely phenomenal.

His detailed market knowledge of my area and strong negotiating skills enabled him to sell my home in 2 short weeks for 100% of MY ASKING PRICE! Dozens of crystal clear pics, a virtual tour and detailed colour feature sheets were part of a comprehensive marketing plan Thomas implemented in this stellar outcome.

Thomas consistently provided feedback and was always available to communicate with me with his positive and pleasant attitude on any aspect regarding the sale of my home. It has been a joy dealing with Thomas's team and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of selling their home.  

Marie Rollauer


Thomas never ceases to amaze me! This is my 4th home that I have sold with him. Thomas has always sold my homes in record times, achieving extremely high list to sale ratios. My most recent sale was sold for 99% of my asking price in just 1 day. His elaborate marketing plan included a strong online presence with high definition pics, virtual tour and a lead generating interactive website.

He was always available to respond immediately to any questions I had regarding the sale of my home. His excellent track record, strong negotiation skills and highly effective marketing plan are the reasons why I keep using him for my real estate transactions. I will continue to use Thomas and his team for any future transactions and will highly recommend them to anyone I know interested in selling their home. 

Afshin Shams


The home selling process can be a daunting task. The agent you choose to sell your home should help make this a smooth process and obtain a good selling price. Thomas exceeded and excelled in these areas. He not only sold our home for 99% of our asking price, but he also sold it in only 1½ days! Thomas possessed an in-depth knowledge of the market conditions in our neighborhood and the Oakville real estate market as a whole. This attribute was a key factor for choosing him to represent us in the sale of our home.

Thomas had a very strong and effective marketing plan, which included a unique 24 hour hotline service describing our home in detail to potential buyers. He also developed a strong online marketing plan with the use of high quality pictures and stunning virtual tours. We were also impressed on how he helped stage our home to receive maximum results. In our opinion, Thomas deserves the title as “The Best Real Estate Agent in Oakville”. We will definitely use Thomas again and refer him to anyone interested in selling their Oakville home. 

Rosemary & Larry Sheahan

Absolutely outstanding! Thomas SOLD our home for 98% of our asking price in 4 short days! This is the kind of service we expected and Thomas delivered this result in record time and more! His elaborate marketing plan included internet marketing with high definition pictures and virtual tour which clearly portrayed all the features and extras of our home to potential buyers. We were also impressed with his unique talking ad. If there is one thing we can contribute our successful sale to is Thomas' strong track record and excellent negotiating skills. His experience and knowledge in helping us prepare our home for sale was very impressive.

These attributes we believe allowed us to obtain the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Also, we must mention that Thomas was very patient with us throughout the house hunting process and was very diligent in returning our calls/emails and making sure our concerns/questions were promptly addressed. We would like to highly recommend Thomas to anyone interested in buying or selling a home in Oakville.

Ramin & Mong-Thu Burney

Phenomenal job! Thomas sold our home in only 5 days for 98% of our asking price! His marketing package was top notch from his 24 hour hotline service which described our home in detail, to the vivid online pictures and virtual tours.

Thomas' strong negotiating skills and knowledge of our market area were major factors for our quick sale and excellent selling price. We will definitely use Thomas again for future sales and would recommend him to anyone selling their home.

Dave & Eli Sims





Amazing Results! Thomas sold my house for $15,000 OVER my asking price in 2 short weeks. His strong negotiating skills and thorough market knowledge of my area I think contributed to my successful sale.

His in-depth marketing package included online vivid pics, virtual tour, and a high end colour brochure that really blew me away. His unique 24-hr hotline service described my house in great detail. I will definitely let everyone know of my house selling experience and will recommend Thomas to anyone selling a home in Oakville. 

Kevin Mckee




Excellent Job! Thomas sold my house for 99.5% of my asking price in just under 2 weeks. He had an excellent marketing plan which included a 24 hour hotline describing my home in detail.

A high quality virtual tour with pics and detailed color brochures were also part of his elaborate package. I believe his strong negotiating skills, market knowledge of my area and his 25 years of real estate experience helped me obtain my stellar selling price! I would like to strongly recommend Thomas to anyone who is thinking of selling their Oakville home.  

Mrs. Jeong Seon Kim




We are absolutely thrilled with the results and service Thomas Bathory provided as our listing agent. Thomas sold our Oakville home for OVER OUR ASKING PRICE IN ONLY 5 SHORT DAYS! Excellent Job! His very effective, comprehensive and unique marketing plan along with his strong sales track record and 25 years real estate experience were key factors we believe contributed to our speedy and successfully sale.

He communicated with us on a regular basis and kept us updated on the selling progress which we really appreciated during this hectic time. We will most certainly recommend Thomas Bathory to anyone interested in selling their home in Oakville.  

Ed & Melanie Hartinger



We are extremely pleased with the length of time and final price we received when we sold our home through Thomas. He managed to get us 99.2% of our asking price in just 3 short days! His detailed marketing plan included professional photos, virtual tours, color brochures and a detailed list of features throughout our home. Thomas' strong negotiating skills and 27 years of real estate experience, we believe, helped us quickly obtain our exceptional selling price. 

Thomas guided us through the selling process and was always there to answer any questions or concerns we came across. This has been a pleasant experience but we sure won't miss eating out night after night! We will definitely recommend Thomas to anybody interested in selling or buying in Oakville.

Pauline & Richard James



We were extremely pleased with the level of service provided by Thomas during the sale of our home. He always provided instant communication feedback on any questions that we had and kept us up-to­ date on all aspects of the selling process.

We ended up with a great selling price which we believe is contributed to Thomas's strong negotiation skills and fantastic track record. We will definitely use Thomas again in the future and recommend him to anyone we know looking to sell a home in Oakville. 

Ali & Raana Asad



We would like to thank Thomas for selling our home. This is the second time we have used Thomas in a real estate transaction. He marketed our beautiful and unique home extensively across the internet and 3 separate real estate boards. He had a professional photographer take high resolution pies and produced crystal clear high end colour brochures.

Thomas worked diligently to find a qualified buyer for our home. He provided consistence feedback which we really appreciated. We also believe we can attribute our successful sale to his strong negotiation skills which enabled us to receive 97% of our asking price. We will definitely recommend Thomas and use him in future sales.

Payam and Anna Kiani



“I would like to thank Thomas for selling my town home in one of the most challenging real estate markets since the last recession. Thomas not only listed my town home using very unique and effective marketing systems, but also sold it to a buyer, which he found himself. He provided constant and timely feedbacks and was very responsive to any questions I may have had about the selling process.

I was quite intrigued with his marketing systems from the use of his unique hotline systems to his online virtual tour, to mention a few. I also believe that his strong negotiation skills, 22 years of real estate experience and his strong track record of averaging 98% of the selling price all help in selling my Oakville townhome. Thank you again. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking to sell their home.” 

Rasheed Joseph-Young


“Excellent job! We would like to thank you and your team for the sale of our bungalow. This is the third time we have dealt with you. Your advice has always been correct which we greatly appreciate.

We are very impressed with your strong negotiating and communication skills which enabled us to SELL our Oakville home in a SPEEDY 3 DAYS FOR 100% OF OUR ASKING PRICE!

Your unique marketing plans were superb, even though you may not have had a chance to use all of them given that you sold our home so fast. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to sell their home.” 

Bob & Betty Brooks



I truly believe that it doesn’t get any better than this! Thomas sold my townhome and I received 100% of my asking price. This is quite an accomplishment considering the challenging market we were in. I was very impressed with his negotiating skills. He was very professional and responsive to any questions I may have had regarding the selling process.

I was very impressed with his marketing plan including the use of a hotline and consistent advertising which I believe helped sell my home and obtain my full asking price! I will most definitely recommend Thomas to anyone looking to sell their Oakville home with a Top Agent.

Darko Vujisic



"Thanks Thomas, for selling my Oakville house in 4 days for 99.6% of my asking price! I'm sure this was due to your selling experience in my area, your description and photos of my house which resulted in lots of buyer interest, and your strong negotiating skills. The quick sale was particularly important, since I had found my next home and needed to be able to make a cash offer.

I also really appreciate the patient way you walked me through the steps of the selling process, and the certainty that you were always looking after my best interests. I will be recommending you to anyone I meet who is looking for an excellent Real Estate Agent."

Ann Powell

"Thomas far exceeded all possible expectations! He sold my home for 98% of my asking price in only 8 days! His elaborate marketing plan included professionally taken pics & virtual tours along with a dazzling and detailed high end color brochure.

He advertised my home continuously, including a beautiful magazine. Thomas displayed knowledge, professionalism and patience throughout the selling process of my home. These attributes highly contributed to my successful sale of my Oakville home. I will definitely recommend Thomas to any one selling their home."

Amanda Hollingworth

“Thank you Thomas for the speedy sale of our home. You listed our house and in less than 2 weeks sold it for 99% of our asking price in multiple offers. Your home selling system and experience really paid off in getting us top dollar in a very short amount of time. You managed to accomplish this task while we weren’t even in the country! Job very well done!

We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know interested in selling o buying a home. We won’t hesitate to use you again in our next sale or purchase.”

Gordon & Leny Dick

“We are writing this letter to let you know how pleased we were with your services. You sold our home and we got 98% of our asking price. You had a great marketing plan and followed through everything you said you were going to do to sell our house. You were very professional on the night you presented the offer to us. You really looked after our interests.

We also were very pleased with the speed and determination you displayed when we bought our following home through you. You co-ordinated everything from the sale to our present purchase with excellence. We will recommend you to anybody who is thinking of selling or buying a house.”

Joon & Ruby Kim

“We would like to tell you how pleased we both were with the services you provided in selling our home in Oakville. You managed to sell our home in a matter of just 1 week! You kept us updated with feedbacks from the showings that took place during the time our house was on the market. Your professional advice and strong negotiating skills helped us to obtain 100% of our asking price!

We will definitely refer you to anyone we know interested in selling a home. We truly believe that you deserve the title of “Oakville’s best real estate agent.”

John & Maria Hawrylak

“I would like to thank you regarding the quick sale of my home in Oakville. Your expertise, professionalism, knowledge of the area and elaborate marketing plan really helped me to obtain a quick sale and get within 3% of my asking price.

I will definitely recommend you to any one interested in selling or buying in Oakville or the surrounding areas.” 

Branko Gavrilovic

“Selling your home is an emotional experience. We were lucky enough to be referred to a great Realtor. Thomas Bathory made the entire experience pleasurable & exemplified true professionalism not only did he sell the home in 6 days, but he was successful at putting our minds at ease. The recommendation’s he made surely paid off. Selling our “first” home was a stress-free experience and we recommend his services to all those entering a competitive market in Oakville.” 

Joanne & Damir Kristo

“We were very pleased with your services which allowed us to sell our home on Westmount Drive in just 2 weeks and get 98% of our asking price. You used a complete and unique marketing program, which was not evident from other agents that we interviewed. The use of your 24-hour Talking Ads and Interactive Website really helped to market our home in addition to the traditional marketing tools. My hats off to you and your team! I will most definitely call you again when we are ready to sell or buy a home in Oakville or the surrounding areas.” 

Damir Prelovec

“We just want to thank you in selling our home in Oakville. You listed and sold it by yourself for 98% of the list price in a short amount of time. Your marketing plan was brilliant. From your 24 hour hotline/talking ads to your interactive website, your marketing plan was really top notch and quite innovative. All in all, we would definitely recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone thinking of selling their home in Oakville.” 

Payam Ghalili & Marjorie Ortega

You did your magic again and sold my second home for 98% or my asking price in 10 short days. Your marketing strategy was outstanding including the crystal clear pics, internet virtual tour and full colour brochures. I was also impressed by the hotline service that advertised my home 24 hours a day throughout the 10 days. Your excellent negotiating skills helped me get the quick sale and the high resale price I was looking for.” 

Damir Prelovec

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